Guía de tallas - Soft and Fun

In our SOFT&FUN by Garvalín line we leave extra space for little fingers!

Getting your little one's size right is sometimes more complicated than solving a square root without help from Alexa, so we want to help you. If you don't get it right the first time, nothing happens because our changes are free. It's that easy!

Many times we are not even clear about our own size. Imagine knowing that of our son or daughter. So here is a table of equivalences that we hope will be helpful:

Do the measurements in this table accurately fit all SOFT&FUN styles?

Please note that the measurements are indicative. Depending on the model, the size may vary slightly, therefore, it is possible that the chosen references do not fit completely exactly the measurements in our table.

Should I leave 1 cm extra when selecting the size?

In our case we have already done this calculation for you and the measurements take into account sufficient margin so that the foot fits correctly inside the shoe. For example: if your little one's foot measures between 11.5 cm and 12.1 cm, our recommendation is size 19, if their foot measures between 12.8 and 13.4 cm, size 21... Easy, right? You just measure your little one's foot, look for the range in our table and volilà! You will find your recommended size.

How often do you have to change or check the size of the little ones?

Children grow very fast. Very fast. And your feet too, so it is advisable to check or change your footwear following the following table:

Kid age (years) Recommended shoe change/check frequency
0 - 1.5 every 2 monthss
1.5 - 2.5 every 3 months
2,5 - 4 every 4 months
4 - 6 every 6 months
7 - 9 every 3-4 months
10 - 20 very variable, every 4 - 6 months