Frequent questions

Below we answer the most common questions, from the purchase process to the after-sales service. If after consulting our Frequently Asked Questions you have not found what you need, you can contact us. Remember that we will attend you from Monday to Friday (holidays not included) all emails are answered in strict order of entry.


How can I get in touch with you?

The easiest way is to send an email, we explain the different options according to what you need from us

Commercial / B2B : if you want to sell our products or if you are already a Grupo Garvalín customer

  • email:
  • Telephone: (+34) 966 655 023

Online store : for questions related to our online store, add us to your favorite contacts!

  • email:
  • Telephone: (+34) 966 633 941 | Hours Mon-Fri 09.00h to 14.00h

Online returns : to manage the collection of products in the return process

  • email:


How do I place an order?

Shopping in our online store is very, very simple. Follow the steps we show you HERE.

Do I need to register to make purchases?

Yes. To make purchases in our online store you have to be a registered user. You will be able to register during the purchase process.

I have problems making a purchase, what can I do?

If you have any incident while making your purchases in our online store, send us an email to and we will help you with everything you need. Please explain the type of problem in detail so that we can give you the best solution.

How do I know the size my child wears?

You can see our table of equivalents in centimeters by clicking HERE.

Do you replace the sold out sizes?

If an item is out of stock, we will try to restock it as soon as possible as long as there is stock in our central warehouse. If you want, you can click on "Can't find your size?" to be notified when it is available again.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

Once the payment is confirmed, we CANNOT cancel or modify purchases We cannot guarantee changes to the shipping address once the order has been generated. It is not possible to add an item to your order once it has been confirmed. You will have to make a new purchase.

Can I choose the delivery time of my purchase?

The agency organizes deliveries on a daily basis and we cannot guarantee that the requested times will be met. In these cases, our recommendation is that you select a Seur pinckup point so that you can pick up your order when it suits you best. I have a coupon.

How do I use it?

You can redeem your coupon when confirming your order. Enter the code exactly as it appears, without adding any space. You can do it manually or by copying and pasting it in the "Coupons" field. Once the code is entered, select "Apply" to redeem it. Here you can see the value of the discount and the total cost of the order after applying the promotion code. Make sure to enter your code in this step, as you will not be able to enter it later.

Why was my order canceled?

It can happen for different reasons. We recommend that you contact so that we can give you all the information. Below you can see some of the cases: The product is not available in stock The billing information is not correct or is not verifiable The order is marked by our security systems as an order susceptible to fraud There is an error in the price shown in our online store Buy safely on the Internet Given the increase in online sales, fraudulent websites are increasing. That is why we recommend only buying from trusted pages and official distributors.


How can I pay for my purchases?

In our online store we accept payment with the main credit and debit cards and you can also pay through Paypal. You can expand the information about the payment methods HERE.

Is banking information saved?

To respect your security, never has access to confidential information regarding the means of payment. For this reason, your bank details will be required for each new order you place in our online store.

I get an error when making the payment. Why?

Some of the data entered may be incorrect. Check that you have correctly filled in all the fields. Expiration date: check that your card does not exceed the validity date. Do you have a limit on your card? Ask your bank if the card has exceeded the amount allowed to make purchases. In order to avoid fraud in our online store, you cannot make purchases for an amount greater than € 180. If your order exceeds this price, please divide the purchase. If you want, you can send us an email with your order numbers requesting that they be sent together. Important announcement! As a measure to guarantee a secure payment and with the aim of collaborating in the prevention of fraud over the Internet, at GARVALIN CALZADOS SL we reserve the right to verify the personal data provided by the client and adopt the measures that we deem appropriate (including the cancellation of the order) so that the purchased merchandise is delivered in accordance with the data that appears in the order.


Do my purchases at have shipping costs?

Shipping costs are FREE (Spain) on purchases over € 60. If you want to know more about shipping, transport and delivery click HERE - Any lower amount will cost € 2.95 shipping to Spain). Please, if shipping costs are added even exceeding this amount, delete the browsing history of your internet search engine and start the purchase process again, surely the system has geolocated you by mistake in an international point.

What is the delivery time?

You can see the shipping times by clicking HERE Important - Shipping / delivery times may be altered in special periods due to saturation (promotions, sales or health reasons)

Can I choose the delivery time?

Although we would love if you could choose the time, this option is not possible. You can leave a comment with your preferences but we cannot guarantee that the transport agency will make the delivery at the times you indicate. If you have a complicated schedule or do not want to be aware of the courier, the ideal is that you select a Seur point to leave the package so that you can pick it up when it best suits you

Will the transport agency call me before making the delivery?

You will receive an email with the delivery details but we cannot guarantee that they will call you before going to your home. It is important that you check your email and that you provide a contact mobile phone. I had an error when indicating the delivery address. What can I do? If you have made a mistake in any information, contact us or Seur as soon as possible to see the possible solutions. Remember that address changes can add extra costs that will be borne by the customer. It is very, very, very important to review all the information you provide us before confirming the purchase

Can I change the delivery address once the purchase is confirmed?

You can tell us the new address but we do not guarantee that the change can be made. Remember that address changes can add extra costs that will be borne by the customer

Can I track my shipment?

Sure! You can find out where the shipment is with the order reference on the Seur tracking page: click HERE

Why hasn't my order arrived yet?

Whenever your order does not arrive on the expected day, we will be here to help you. So that we can offer you a quick solution, check the following points before contacting us: You can track your shipment with Seur HERE Check your confirmation email to check the status of your package. You can do it through the tracking link included in the email. Log into your account to check that the delivery address and your personal data are correct. Check if you have received any notification email from the courier company. Your package may be in their warehouses waiting for a new delivery attempt to be agreed. There are towns that do not have daily delivery, in these cases Seur will try to deliver it as soon as possible but, perhaps the term is longer than 24/48 working hours. If you still have not located it, write us an email to and indicate the reference of your order and your registration email address so that we can help you as soon as possible In special periods (Black Friday, Juernes, Ciber Monday, Sales ...) delivery times may be affected (Thank you very much for your patience!) We do not ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla CHANGES AND RETURNS

How do I make an exchange or return?

Click HERE to know the step by step of our exchange / return process. Remember that we do not make direct changes in our online store. If you want to make a change in size and / or model, you will have to make a new purchase and manage the return of your first order. All the info HERE.

Under what conditions do I have to return the order?

The product you want to return must be in perfect condition without having been used or manipulated. That is, it must be in the same conditions in which it was delivered: keeping both its original box, as well as all the initial content of it (labels, papers and / or other elements it contains) We will not accept returns in broken or damaged boxes and / or that contain an element pasted. At we accept the right to reject any return, in any case in which the guidelines set forth above are not met.

Does my return have costs?

In our online store we differentiate between returns for change of size and / or model (totally free) and returns (cost € 3.95). Below we explain everything you need to know to choose the option you prefer. To make a change you will have to manage a return of your purchase and place a new order with the model and / or size you need Returns for change of size and / or model: if when we receive the products that you return to us, we verify that there is a subsequent purchase it will be considered a return for exchange. In this case, the procedure is free. Returns: if when managing the refund we verify that there is no new purchase made with the same user, we will refund the amount discounting € 3.95 based on return costs Returns are free in the following cases: When the return is made for a change of size and / or model If the product received is not correct If the product received shows a manufacturing fault Extend this information HERE.

Is the delivery of the new order and the collection done at the same time?

This depends on Seur, they are parallel processes so they can be carried out at different times and by different distributors. The new purchase will be managed in the usual deadlines and the collection is carried out in parallel. You will receive a confirmation email of your new purchase and another with the collection data.

Are the RRP with discount on the changes maintained?

In changes of products purchased with special discounts (sales, Black Friday, Juernes, CiberMonday) once the promotion is over, the reduced RRP will be respected as long as the change is made for the same model in a different size / color combination . Returns will never be made for exchange, keeping the RRP reduced if the new purchase is from a different reference. Seur has not collected the return package Sometimes there may be incidents with the collections. In these cases, it is important that you follow up on the Seur page to know the status of the collection. If you need us to help you, it will be essential that you indicate the location of your collection I want you to call me before making the collection

is it possible?

The carrier has no obligation to call in advance to make the collection.

When will I receive the amount of my refund?

The term to make the refund is 15 working days from when we receive the product at our facilities. This duration can be modified in specific moments and special dates in which the workload is altered. In advance, we appreciate your patience and understanding in these situations and we will be happy to assist you if you have any questions. - Orders placed between December 24, 2019 and January 3, 2020 will be managed within 48/72 working hours

How will I know that the return of my order has been done correctly?

If after 10 working days since we received your order at our facilities you do not have the credit in your account, contact us to check the status of the return. Once we have made the refund of the amount, the period for it to become effective in your account will depend on your bank.

Can I return my purchases online in a store?

No. Purchases made in our online store will have to be returned through it and not in physical stores. POINTS OF SALE

Have you bought at

If you have bought in our online store and want to solve a problem with your products, you should contact our Customer Service team at Through this channel we will process your case and resolve the incident in the most comfortable way for you, analyzing the problem and always trying to offer the best solution.

Have you bought in a multi-brand store?

If you have bought your little one's shoes at a multi-brand point of sale and have detected a quality incident, you must go with the product and proof of purchase to the store where you bought it. From the business responsible for the sale, if they cannot offer an immediate solution, and consider it appropriate, they can contact the department in charge of supporting the multi-brand sales network so that the Grupo Garvalín Quality team can review the condition of the footwear. and determine the best solution for the customer. This procedure should always start from the point of sale if they consider it so.

Have you bought in a Marketplace or in another online store outside

If you have bought your products through an online channel other than and you have detected a problem with your order, you must contact the point of sale that managed the shipment of your products to process any incident . At Grupo Garvalín, as footwear manufacturers, we have a department that provides support to the businesses that work with our products in the event that they present a manufacturing defect. The points of sale can contact us to provide a solution to their customers. Any process or claim must be managed through the point of sale that will act as an intermediary with Grupo Garvalín.


How can I clean your products?

If you want, you can see our advice on CLEANING FOOTWEAR by clicking here. I want to change the insoles of my little one's footwear

do you sell replacement insoles?

At the moment, at we do not have templates for sale. Our recommendation is that you go to a specialized establishment and buy a replacement pair, there they will advise and advise you.

The color I have received is not exact to the photograph that appears in your online store

We always try to ensure that the color that appears in the images is as exact as possible but, depending on the screen, the light and other factors, the actual tone may vary a little compared to the one that appears in our online store. </ p>

Is it recommended that children wear "inherited" shoes?

We know that feet grow very fast and that sometimes even with your "new" Biomecanics or Garvalín you have to change your size. Many of you ask us if the shoes can be "inherited" between brothers or friends but this is not advisable. Each person has their own footprint and a way of stepping. If we pass a shoe from one child to another, it will have a foot shape that does not have to coincide and this will be harmful. ----- Sales, Black Days ----- PREPARATION / SHIPPING / DELIVERY TIMES

What are the preparation / shipping / delivery times?

Both we and the transport company are going to do our best to make the process as fast as possible, but remember that these are high saturation dates, so we appreciate your patience in case of delays Thank you, thank you and thanks for your understanding! Preparation and shipping: 24/48 working hours Delivery: Approx. 72 working hours You can see the status of your delivery with the order reference HERE

What happens if they cannot deliver the order?

Until 01/15/21 a single delivery attempt will be made. If there is no one at home, the shipment will be left at the closest Seur point. Contact Seur to expand your delivery information: 607 015 322 RETURNS < / p>

Can I make returns or returns for exchange?

Yes, you can make returns and returns for exchange by following the usual steps. Instructions HERE

Is the RRP of the promotion maintained in returns for exchange?

The discount will be respected as long as the return for exchange is made for the same model in a different size and / or combination The size I need is not available to make the return for exchange We are sorry but, we cannot guarantee availability of sizes. In this case you can choose another model or process the return without change. Return instructions HERE When making the new purchase the price is no longer on sale

What do I do?

Nothing happens! If during the days of the promotion you make purchases in our online store and later you need to process a return for exchange, follow these steps: Make the new purchase with the RRP that appears on the web Process the collection of the products that you need to return in @ When we receive in our warehouse the products that you return to us, we will make a refund taking into account the discount of the promotion IMPORTANT: only for returns for changes in size of the same model / combination

Is the discount maintained if in the new purchase I choose a different reference?

In this case, we will not be able to maintain the promotion discount. Remember, the discount applies only to returns for exchange of the same model and / or combination

Can I make the return in a physical store?

All returns or refunds for exchange of orders made in our official online store must be done following the instructions that you can see HERE