Purchase and payment

What do you think if we start with the selection of products and the confirmation of the purchase and then we explain in detail everything related to the payment methods?

Product selection.

Our website is like your home, come by without calling.

If you enter the online store you will see that you can walk through all the virtual shelves as if you were really in a physical store. You can click on the model you like the most to see it in more detail or share it with your little one (we know how they are and that they love to comment on everything).

Select the model you want, the size, the color, the quantity and click on "Add to cart". Ready! The purchase is already done and the best thing is that you can do it in your pajamas from the sofa at home. Check that you have clicked on the "Finish purchase" button and all that remains is to wait for your new shoes. Easy right? If you need help with shoe sizes you can check our guide HERE .

Sure that everything is fine, but it is always better to review and that everything is super good: model, color, size and quantity. We do not guarantee to be able to make changes or modifications to the orders once the payment is accepted, so it is very important to review everything before confirming.

What nerves, almost everything is done. You just have to click "go through the box" to make the payment of the purchase you have made and our elves from the logistics department will get down to work with your order.

* You can see the status of your order in your private area and if you have questions, you already know that we will always be happy to solve them.

Delivery details.

Hello, my name is Garvalín, and you?

Now is the time to give us your first and last name: log in, create an account if you haven't already done so or make your purchase as a guest.

Fill in all the data to be able to make the shipment and generate the invoice. It is important that you check the address, so that the shoes reach their future owner and the delivery of the order is not delayed.

Do you remember when there was only the landline? Surely you've already forgotten. At Garvalín we consider ourselves modern parents and that is why we prefer the mobile phone to be able to contact you. In the end, the mobile is always with us, like force.

Email is important. Very important. But that very very important. Both we and the transport agency will contact you by this means to inform you about the status and shipment of your order.

Have you checked everything right? Older people also have mistakes, so it never hurts to check the mobile number and email again. Anyone can dance a letter or a number, don't you think? If you have already checked everything, you have our approval to go to the box and make the payment of your purchase.

Confirmation and end of the order.

Attention! Next stop. Your new footwear on the way.

Where do you want to receive your order? We can send it to the address you have provided or to a point in Seur. You can check if it catches you on the way to your little one's office or school.

There are many ways to pay, but here we accept Bizzum, card or Paypal. This topic takes a long time, if you have doubts you can consult all the information about "Payment methods" below.

Follow the payment instructions. Nothing to read them vertically as when we follow the instructions to assemble a bookcase and in the end we have more than enough screws.

Well, you've already filled in all your payment details! At these times there are usually nerves, will I have made the payment correctly? Will everything be correct? Don't worry, when the payment is confirmed you will receive an email. And the big question: What happens if I don't receive the email? Nothing about "Houston we have a problem." You can check the spam or junk mail tray (yes, the one you never delete) and add Garvalín to your favorite contacts so you don't lose track.

ATTENTION, ATTENTION! On sale days and other designated days, no change can be made to the purchase once you have made the payment and it has been accepted without exceptions. You sure understand. Thanks!

If you want to know when you will receive your purchase (surely you are looking forward to how the new footwear will fit your child), click here .

We don't think it will happen, but if you want to know the return conditions you can take a look here .


What is promised is debt. Now we are going to explain the payment methods in detail and solve your most common doubts. Read carefully to be super informed

  • Card : The customer can choose to pay by credit or debit card, so that the operation will be confirmed at the time the order is placed. The payment made will be transmitted to the LA CAIXA bank, which is responsible for providing the respective remote electronic payment service, without any third party being able to access it. The credit card data will be entered directly on the bank's secure website, without any of this data being recorded on our servers.
  • PayPal : The customer can choose this method of payment as long as he is a user of a PayPal account. The payment made is registered in the PayPal account, without any third party being able to access it.
  • Bizum : use your mobile phone to pay for your purchase

Payment by transfer or cash on delivery is NOT accepted in any case

Problems making the payment? To problems solutions!

If the payment system fails, don't worry! Please, if after reading our recommendations you do not find a solution to your problem, contact us before making a new purchase attempt to avoid duplicating your orders. We will verify the status of the transaction and help you with whatever you need.

Whoops! Does the bank reject the payment of your purchase?

Don't worry, there are several options that can cause a payment error

  • In order to avoid fraud in our online store, you cannot make purchases for an amount greater than € 180 in less than 24 hours. If your order exceeds this total, please divide the purchase. If you have already tried to place an order with a higher amount, before making a new attempt delete the browsing history of your search engine so that there is no record in the cache and the error is repeated.
  • Expiration date: check that your card does not exceed the validity date.
  • Try to make the payment with another card (remember that you can pay your purchases by card or through Paypal)
  • Do you have a limit on your card? Ask your bank if the card has exceeded the amount allowed to make purchases.
  • Check that you have filled in all the fields correctly.

Do you have a problem when selecting the payment method?

  • Surely there is a specific failure in the load, please, try the following options
  • Delete the browsing history of the search engine from which you are trying to place the order and start the process again
  • Try to make the purchase from another browser or IP
  • If you make the purchase from a mobile phone, try disconnecting it from the Wi-Fi network

Does a duplicate order appear and you cannot continue with the process?

If you have made several purchase attempts but have not finished any in a short period of time, it is possible that the system has registered the IP and is blocking the process.

  • Delete the browsing history of the device from which you are trying to order and start the process again
  • Allow 24 hours to place your order again

Do you have the charge in mind but have not received confirmation of the order?

Something may have gone wrong with the data transmission

  • Confirm with your bank that the payment has been loaded
  • Check spam or junk mail that you have not received order confirmation
  • Write an email to hello@garvalin.com attaching proof of payment, name, surname and registration email

The prices on this website are shown in euros, the corresponding taxes and duties being applicable according to current legislation. This contract is perfected and binds the parties in terms of the obligation of delivery of the good by the seller and the payment of the price established by the buyer from the moment of its acceptance by the latter (that is, the placing of the order). The full payment of the price of the products, which appears in the corresponding file for each of them, will be made through the indicated forms

Any more questions? Don't be shy and ask. Asking is from smart parents. If you still have questions, write us an email to hello@garvalin.com and we will be delighted to help you as soon as possible.